Notion of Nationalism

Nationalism is an illusion, letting miserable people to feel proud for the sake of incomprehensible achievement. Nationalism serves as an auxiliary identity of a person, a subservient line of division between humans. Humans are not only divided between Pakistani, Indian, English or American. Infact more relevantly between poor and rich, oppressed and oppressors, being exploited […]

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What a criminal produces?

A philosopher produces ideas, a poet poems, a cobbler shoes, a professor compendia and so on. A criminal produces crimes. It is highly interesting, if we take a closer look at the production of crime and society as a whole we can rid ourself of many prejudices about criminals. A criminal does not only produces […]

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O my soul – A poem

O my soul, where are you? Do you hear me? I speak, I call you – are you there? I have returned, I am here again. My body has been your house for a while. I travelled in the landscapes of imagination lured by a hope of meeting you. I always wanted to uncover the […]

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What you resist, persists!

Human soul is captive of emotions. We carve reasons to authenticate subconscious impulses of our brain i.e. feelings. It is like a boat surviving against a strong stream of river. Interestingly certain feelings stay far longer than the other. The moments of happiness are usually tangibly short while people feel depression for far longer, sometimes […]

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Paradox of Power

Power is defined as ability to influence others. Apparently looking very simple, notion of power is highly complex and difficult to comprehend. Entities which apparently look very powerful are usually weak and vice versa. The key is psychologically humans reject any symbol of power as it threaten their survival. So the power of the powerful […]

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