What you resist, persists!

Human soul is captive of emotions. We carve reasons to authenticate subconscious impulses of our brain i.e. feelings. It is like a boat surviving against a strong stream of river. Interestingly certain feelings stay far longer than the other. The moments of happiness are usually tangibly short while people feel depression for far longer, sometimes years.

Happiness is a like a pretty girl. We like her company. We want to talk with her for hours. She don’t like captive people though. When we insist her to stay, she runs away.

On the contrary, depression is like a middle aged woman. She has been sent by nature to convey an important message to us. Meeting with her might not be socially acceptable but the message she contains is important. She knocks at our door and we ignore it. She don’t give up and keep on knocking. She stays on our door for years and the moment we open door and listen to her, she goes away.

What you resist, persists. Carl Jung


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