O my soul – A poem

O my soul, where are you?
Do you hear me?
I speak, I call you – are you there?
I have returned, I am here again.
My body has been your house for a while.
I travelled in the landscapes of imagination lured by a hope of meeting you.
I always wanted to uncover the veil between you and me.
Should I tell you everything I have seen, experienced, and drunk in?
I craved the attention of others whenever betrayed by you.
Should I show you every scar I have received?
Every scar later became source of light and glowed your house.
Do you still know me?
How long the separation lasted!
Everything has become so different.
And how did I find you?
How strange my journey was!
Give me your hand, my almost forgotten soul.
My soul, my journey should continue with you.
I will wander with you and ascend to my solitude.
My body will always be your flesh and you will be mine forever
O my soul.

― Adapted from the writings of Carl Jung.


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